Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Live. Change. Re-born.

Things are changed so fast.
It's been a long time I don't care about my blog.
I did not have the strenght.
My Life, my attitudes, my horizons are overturned.

I don't want to talk about my ex-boyfriend. 
He's not here to reply, to explain his point of view,
I learned something.

Never take
I hope one day you'll understand.

Here I shut a chapter of my Life, at least on this blog.
I'm happy now. I don't care what people may say about me, about
starting a new relationship in a very close time.

I never been loved so much.
I never loved so much.

I love you Alan. Thank you so much for giving me such great emotions, so much Love
and so many many beautiful moments that they'll become beautiful memories.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012


The things are gonna changing so fast in those last months.
I realized that Love has a different face. Form. Behaviour.
I was tired of my one-way love.
But it's also so hard to quit a relationship.
Maybe as harder as be relinquished by someone.
I realized that things can change without calling first just in order to say "hey girl, all your certainties are made for being destroyed".

Life starts now.
This is the only thing I can say.
I'm happy now.
Like I was never that happy before.
I love you Alan.
Thank you for giving me new life.