Thursday, October 27, 2011

Next Week on Etsy! La prossima settimana su Etsy!

I'm so excited!
The next week I'll be on Etsy!

I'm into very busy days...
So, I can't keep tracks of my activities on the blog...
I'm working and planning and creating and running and doing a lot of things...
Have a hyper-super-wonderful day! <3


Sono così emozionata!
La prossima settimana sarò su Etsy!
Sono in giorni impegnatissimi!
Così, non riesco a tenere traccia delle attività che svolgo sul blog...
Sto lavorando, pianificando, creando, correndo e facendo un sacco di cose...
Felicissimo giorno a tutti! <3

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hot Chocolate Afternoon...

This afternoon I went with my dad and my boyfriend in the country.We brought the dogs for a walk in order to enjoy the last mild temperatures of this wonderful October.
I love the light in Fall, my favorite season!
The sky was painted in a stunning light blue...
The sky here is something spectacular!

When we were on the way home, my Dad was looking for some hot chocolate.
I said I had no chocolate home and so I promised him I would go tomorrow to get lot of it...
I can get 3 or 4 time in a day a cup of hot chocolate.
That's why my shelf is empty...
I found a lot of delicious recipes around the blogs...
I love to share with you something sweet! :)
So, Enjoy!

We can start with this easy-to-do recipe...

...if you're brave you can try this dense one... it's my favorite!

Anticipate the Halloween mood with this cup!
Your guests will be delighted!

Or try this...

Nutella it's no longer an Italian secret...
 I think I could faint reading this recipe!

And why do not associate a warm cup of hot chocolate with some spicy cookies like these?

Or with lovely chocolate hearts?
(Chek out the whole page!!! *-* I love it!)

Tomorrow I'll try one of these recipes... I promise!
My shelf must be filled with tons of Chocolate... bars, powder, cream.
In other words...
I love Chocolate!!!
Have a bright day

Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Mary

Today would be the hundredth birthday of Mary Blair, one of the illustrators who have made the History.
Thank you Mary.
Happy Birthday, from the Heart!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yayyy! The brand new Logo is Done :) - Yeeh!!! Il nuovo logo è pronto!

I spent a lot of time thinking about the brand-new-logo of Hausgeist.
Like in the explanation page, Hausgeister are benevolent Home Spirits...
I love (and I believe in) Pixies, Elves, Fairies... so, the name for my blog and for my brand is absolutely perfect!
The Pixie:
 I was inspired to my father.
He looks like a human-sized Elf and I love his smiling (sometimes frown) expression!

The Moon:
Is a very important part of my Life...
I believe in her influence so much!
Not without reason I was born on Monday :), the day of the Moon.

The little heart:
The Heart is the Reactor of the Feelings and Emotions.
I draw Hearts everywhere since I could hold a pencil.
I've been drawing them (and not only them), since I could hold a pencil in my hand...
Always keep a little heart with you! 
It can only send positive energies!
The Gears:
These gears in the background are nice combination of meanings...
The gear is something human. It has a reference to the cleverness.
A lot of things are coming from the pure and simple flash of inspiration...
Some things not. They need to be managed, planned and developed.
For example, if you are a dressmaker you can have a model-style very clear in your mind but, before tailoring
you need to take the measures. You need to draw the pattern and before drawing it, you have to calculate the values ​​based on measurements taken previously. Then you have to choose the right fabric, the right needle, the right tools of the trade... 
Not all creations are born spontaneously!

I hope you like it like I do...
Have a Beautiful Day 

"A man paints with his brains 
and not with his hands."

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I feel a little bit embittered... (and a Free Brush)

Today I feel a little bit embittered and sad about some things...
This is a problem that is putting me into troubles since few years.
I was pretty skinny before my 20th birthday. I've had a hormone treatment when I was 19 and after this treatment, I gained a lot of weight.
I lost a lot of weight during a bad period, due by the end of my first important relationship, but I was totally without any form of appetite. Not really anorexic but very very exhausted.
But, when I started to feel better (and eating a little bit more), I've gained all the excess weight again... even though my diet remained unchanged (before the treatment and after the treatment).
Since this treatment, I'm no longer the same.
It is certain that something happened to my endocrine system.
Sometimes I feel good in my new body...
Sometimes I burst into tears, expecially when I find pictures or old dresses...
Today I read on internet that Christina Aguilera is being criticized for being plump.
Remarking that I'm not one of her fans (although I think she has a beautiful and powerful voice), I felt myself a little bit embittered about this topic.
I do not know if it hurts me because it touches one of my sore spots...
People are beautiful the way they are.
How can you judge someone so harshly for his weight?
I read very awful comments about her... About a lot of people.
Also below pictures of common people who is being jeered for their appearance.
I loved to be skinny, I felt myself better, and I love the skinny silhouettes... But, it's "only about being in a new dimension of the body.
Isn't the body only an envelope? The container of the Soul?
Yes, we're flesh and bones but, above all, aren't we all walking Souls?
I think she's very pretty even if she's plump than before.
Harrassers are annoying me saying "Only beautiful and skinny people can reach success" and when those people are without make-up, or are aging, or are getting fatter they are categorized, by the same harrassers, like "ugly" "trash" and they throw all of their hate againts those people, claiming that the showbiz doesn't match with "ugly/fat/old/wrinkled/short" people...That's a nonsense.
And this is something that happens every day, all around the "common" (but always beautiful) world... to the common people. Stereotypes are changed through the decades and what was attractive in the past, nowadays is something almost unpleasant.

I guess we worry too much about what other people may think.
We spend a lot of time crying on ourselves and that's something weakening.
You have to know the bad influence that this thing has on us...
Charging ourselves with such bad energies is dangerous.
I firmly believe some disorders are coming from this garbage that is filling our Souls.

I always loved assymetry.
Assymetry makes the world beautiful.
Imperfections are peculiarities.
You are beautiful.

I nearly forgot... Today I did a Fall-themed Brush for Photoshop...
This is Free and for you, if you like it or need it...

You can download it (for free!!!) on my Deviant Art profile

Monday, October 17, 2011

Something about me...

Today my cold symptoms have turned into bronchitis.
I feel myself too weak for creating something new.
I think that's the best day to share with you, something about me.
I love photography but today I'll post only instagram pictures, taken with my phone!

I'm 27. But a lot of people say I don't look my age.
I'm very short and a little bit plump. Sometimes I worry too much about that.
Sometimes I'm feeling good with myself.

I truly LOVE Nature and Animals. Expecially dogs and cats.
I've got a lot of house animals at home and I'm so happy/proud of it!!!
I'm lucky to live in a familiy who loves animals like that!
I want to thank you, Daddy and Mom, for never being mad at me when I came (and I still come) home with injuried animals and thank you for all the tears that you've dried when I could not save them.

For first I'm gonna to introduce my kitties!
This is the Queen of the Castle...
I'm proud to annunce...LYNCH!

Mmmh... I'm sorry... I mean, LYNCH! (Pssss... Wake up, you lazy Pussycat!!!)

...Here we go...

Then, this is the little shy Marcino (Daughter of the Queen... Mhmm, that makes you a little Princess then!)
(Every time I see this picture, I burst out laughing!)

Pretty whiskers, uh?!

A now, I feel a little bit sad... She IS Lumpi.
I was 10 years old when we brought her at home from the pound. She was only 40 days old and I remember she was sooo tiny that I could keep her in the palm of my little hand.
The last day of a beautiful March of two years ago, she passed away.
I think about you every day Bibi. I'm still so angry about all of your suffering... You're still in the heart of all of us.
Great movies are not that great without you.
And this home seems a little bit empty, expecially my bedroom.
I love you.

About six years ago we decided to adopt from the pound, a friend for Lumpi.
So Dobby came into our lives.
She was abandoned during the summer holidays and Dobby was about 7 or 9 years old.
She's a little bit shy (and cardiopathic).

And now... the Jester of the Castle!!!
This is Chopper. He's with us since 2 years and a few months.
He has been abandoned.
I saw an ad on internet and I could not resist the sad expression of his eyes... then some volunteers brought him home. Now he is happy. Is like a naughty funny child.
They traveled through half Italy to take Chopper home. I want to thank you again.
You've touched my heart!
*Foxy look*

And the last baby is...
my Piccolino (but my lovely Nick calls him Gordon). I don't really like this name, because it doesn't match with him.
He's already 11 and has arthtritis cause he lived the whole life in a illegal pound under the bad weather or the summer heat.
He never had a home before the same volunteers of Chopper, rescued him.
I love you even if you are with us since half year.
Someday I'll give you a big beautiful home with a huge garden.
Please, grow old enough to see it!!!

Where I live, there are enchanting places.
I grew up with tales of gnomes, pixies and fairies.

But I was born near Venice. I was only 18 months old when we came back in our native region.
I'm of German/Tuscan/Venetian ancestry but both of my parents were born here in Alto Adige-South Tyrol (Italian Dolomites).

I like to draw...
(Pretty scary!!!)

I love sewing...

I love painting...

I love to play Music...
*Even if I'm the worst self-taught piano/guitar player*

I love Nature!!!
Nature is a big part of my life. Nature led me into DIY.
I love to discover and create new biocompatible recipes for my hygiene products.
I'll go into this topic later, on my blog.
I'm a kind of a pagan but not really a pagan.
I believe in the "Nature Religion". I coined this term because I think I'm a very spiritual girl but no religion represent me. I strongly believe in something superior, in something Great and Indisputable. I found my own religion looking around me, seeing the change of the Seasons, the Wildness of Mother Nature, the births and the deaths. I also love all of those good, wise and benevolent prophets like Jesus and Gandhi and Siddharta. Everyone that speak about forgiveness and love, deserve my admiration.
It seems that I'm pretty confused about religion. In facts I'm very conscious about my beliefs.
I also love Technologies and play with the pictures.

And last but not least my

I love you so much, expecially when we're going to do such silly things...
You are my Half,
You are my accomplice
You're the best part of me.

This is something about me.
I've no visitors and no followers till now but i had to share this with "strangers".
Take care of you all.

Next time I'll talk about my true Friends.
I need to ask them If I can :)

Love, Chiara

Sunday, October 16, 2011

DIY Tea Light Holder


Resurrecting from my bedroom, I'm gonna show you how I did this
DIY Tea Light Holder

made with

A little slice of a birch branch 
Metal wire
Natural twine

Curved long-nose pliers
Huge mattress Needle (or a thin nail and a hammer)

Get some slices from a birch branch.
You can get them with a buzz or a ribbon saw.
If you're not into such things and you want to save a little money, ask to your husband/boyfriend/neighbor

With your needle, or with a nail and a hammer, pierce de slice all around and get 12-15 holes.

Cut the wire into pieces... One for each hole and long about 5 -5.5 inches (12-13 cm)

Work the wire with the pliers and get a curl at the top of each wire.

Paste the wires with some SuperGlue in the holes.
Give the wires a bulging shape.

When you're done, take the twine and go in and out from the wires, alternating like in the picture below:

Add some extra metal-wire-curls.
This is what you'll get!

Hope you like it.
Have a nice week! :)
“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared."
Gautama Siddharta - Buddha

Love, Chiara