Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Free Pattern and Yummy Puff Pastry Mini-Pizzas

Today I did my very first Photoshop Pattern and I'm so happy about... even if yesterday was a bad-mood day. Mmmh. I've got headache and it seems I'm getting sick. (Please not! Please not. Please not !!!) However...
I found a contest/giveaway on Facebook this morning and they were asking about doing a personalized fabric for the BlackMilkHandmade clothing label and I wondered why I never tried to make a pattern by myself!  I love Photoshop soooo much!
I needed an owl-DIY-pattern in order to print some absolutely-personalized-fabric for doing some Xmas presents... In my familiy we all love Owls, expecially me and my Mum.
So I tried different color combination and this is the outcome.
If you like it, you can download them right on my Deviant Art profile. It's free! If you want you can eventually quote me on your works, if not it goes ok too!   :)

Well... Yesterday I bought 2 puff pastry rolls and with one I did a Apple-Strudel-Pie (but the funny thing is that was the first time I was trying to do this typical sweet and I was convinced that the puff pastry was the right ingredient but it wasn't!!! Ahahahaha. I should have used another kind of dough but... SURPRISE! It was sooo sooo yummy that my dad and my Love ate it in few hours!

With the second roll I've did puff patry mini pizzas! They're good like antipasto or at a party!I wish they had been a ton! 
I'm gonna post the recipe right now! Did you have them in your Homeland?!

1 Ready-to-go Puff pastry roll
(and if you're brave you can find the recpire here)
1/2 jar of chopper tomatoes
Salt (I used Pink Himalayan Salt ♥)
Mozzarella Cheese 
3 or 4 Salty Anchovies
Few capers in vinegar

Preheat your oven to 300-320 F - 150-160 °C
My gas oven is pretty hard to set because it cooks very fast and the temperature goes fastly very high, so I prefer to cook those kind of dishes fairly slowly...

Roll out the puff pastry on the baking paper. (In Italy the puff pastry is commonly sold pre-wrapped in the baking paper. It's really easier!).

Cut into round shapes (or the shapes of your choice) and put them on a baking dish covered in some baking paper. You can take a cookie cutter for cutting them or a cup with thin edges. I used this frivolous flower-shaped one, only because I've lost my circle cookie-cutter ;(  ✿

Bake them for few minutes...Something like 2 or 3, untill they're growing a little bit up!
Take the baking tin out of the oven and start to season your mini-pizzas.
You can do whatever you want.
I did half of them with a teaspoon of tomato and small cube o mozzarella. I seasoned the other half with a teaspon of tomato, half of a salty anchovy and one caper (like in the picture below). You can try to flavor your mini-pizzas with tomato-wurstel / / tomato-artichokes... Simply, let your fantasy go wild!

Bake them again for 15-20 minutes (check) untill golden brown!

Like you see, I did not even had the time to put them on the tray.


Now, I've got to relax a little bit. I feel pretty weak this evening! :)

Love Chiara

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