Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I feel a little bit embittered... (and a Free Brush)

Today I feel a little bit embittered and sad about some things...
This is a problem that is putting me into troubles since few years.
I was pretty skinny before my 20th birthday. I've had a hormone treatment when I was 19 and after this treatment, I gained a lot of weight.
I lost a lot of weight during a bad period, due by the end of my first important relationship, but I was totally without any form of appetite. Not really anorexic but very very exhausted.
But, when I started to feel better (and eating a little bit more), I've gained all the excess weight again... even though my diet remained unchanged (before the treatment and after the treatment).
Since this treatment, I'm no longer the same.
It is certain that something happened to my endocrine system.
Sometimes I feel good in my new body...
Sometimes I burst into tears, expecially when I find pictures or old dresses...
Today I read on internet that Christina Aguilera is being criticized for being plump.
Remarking that I'm not one of her fans (although I think she has a beautiful and powerful voice), I felt myself a little bit embittered about this topic.
I do not know if it hurts me because it touches one of my sore spots...
People are beautiful the way they are.
How can you judge someone so harshly for his weight?
I read very awful comments about her... About a lot of people.
Also below pictures of common people who is being jeered for their appearance.
I loved to be skinny, I felt myself better, and I love the skinny silhouettes... But, it's "only about being in a new dimension of the body.
Isn't the body only an envelope? The container of the Soul?
Yes, we're flesh and bones but, above all, aren't we all walking Souls?
I think she's very pretty even if she's plump than before.
Harrassers are annoying me saying "Only beautiful and skinny people can reach success" and when those people are without make-up, or are aging, or are getting fatter they are categorized, by the same harrassers, like "ugly" "trash" and they throw all of their hate againts those people, claiming that the showbiz doesn't match with "ugly/fat/old/wrinkled/short" people...That's a nonsense.
And this is something that happens every day, all around the "common" (but always beautiful) world... to the common people. Stereotypes are changed through the decades and what was attractive in the past, nowadays is something almost unpleasant.

I guess we worry too much about what other people may think.
We spend a lot of time crying on ourselves and that's something weakening.
You have to know the bad influence that this thing has on us...
Charging ourselves with such bad energies is dangerous.
I firmly believe some disorders are coming from this garbage that is filling our Souls.

I always loved assymetry.
Assymetry makes the world beautiful.
Imperfections are peculiarities.
You are beautiful.

I nearly forgot... Today I did a Fall-themed Brush for Photoshop...
This is Free and for you, if you like it or need it...

You can download it (for free!!!) on my Deviant Art profile

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