Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yayyy! The brand new Logo is Done :) - Yeeh!!! Il nuovo logo è pronto!

I spent a lot of time thinking about the brand-new-logo of Hausgeist.
Like in the explanation page, Hausgeister are benevolent Home Spirits...
I love (and I believe in) Pixies, Elves, Fairies... so, the name for my blog and for my brand is absolutely perfect!
The Pixie:
 I was inspired to my father.
He looks like a human-sized Elf and I love his smiling (sometimes frown) expression!

The Moon:
Is a very important part of my Life...
I believe in her influence so much!
Not without reason I was born on Monday :), the day of the Moon.

The little heart:
The Heart is the Reactor of the Feelings and Emotions.
I draw Hearts everywhere since I could hold a pencil.
I've been drawing them (and not only them), since I could hold a pencil in my hand...
Always keep a little heart with you! 
It can only send positive energies!
The Gears:
These gears in the background are nice combination of meanings...
The gear is something human. It has a reference to the cleverness.
A lot of things are coming from the pure and simple flash of inspiration...
Some things not. They need to be managed, planned and developed.
For example, if you are a dressmaker you can have a model-style very clear in your mind but, before tailoring
you need to take the measures. You need to draw the pattern and before drawing it, you have to calculate the values ​​based on measurements taken previously. Then you have to choose the right fabric, the right needle, the right tools of the trade... 
Not all creations are born spontaneously!

I hope you like it like I do...
Have a Beautiful Day 

"A man paints with his brains 
and not with his hands."

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