Friday, November 11, 2011

The Best Friend...

There's a lot of things that make me happy.
The rainy days (yes, rainy days!)
The Fall Season.
The smell of wet leaves.
My puppies jumping when I get home.
The Music.
Being with my Parents and laughin.
Talking with my Nick before sleeping.
The taste of sweetened fennel seeds.
The sparkling water when I've got fever.
I could go on forever.
But this evening I NEED to talk about my Friends.
I've always been a lonely girl.. or almost always and this led me to have few people around me, outside my family.
When I was a teenager I was sorrounded by people but very few of them where Friends. 
I suffered a lot due some bad friendships... I trusted too much of some people who just abused my love and patience. Such things still make me cry sometimes... I gave a lot... or too much.

But there are some Souls that were always sorrounding me like a warm embrace...
They are living very far from me... But they are here, every step of my way.

This is for you...
Maybe I said to you a thousand times that I love you from the bottom of my heart, but maybe I've never shown it to you.
I'm sorry I've never been the best Friend you deserve.
When you was here, I spent a lot of time crying on myself without seeing that you were right next to me.
I always taken the worst decision without listening your silent and respectful opinion.
You were here to dry my tears and not for saying you were right.
Thank you.

I remember today like light feathers the very bad days I had when I was in my early twenty...
I say like "feathers" because today the weight of these days seem so light, cause you were here...with me again.
You had my own needs but you could not count on me.
You've got a grip for both and after, you transformed the rot into gold.
Thank you for this...

I want to thank you for teaching me how to play guitar.
For teaching me English... You are the best teacher I could have.
Did you see today how I write? I'm sure my posts are full of mistakes...
But my "Eng" improves day by day.

Thank you for giving me all these CDs full of your music that you did also become my music...
Thank you for all the nights watching B-movies with Stephen Dorff or Juliette Lewis or David Bowie or Chapelle (whatever her name was!!!)...
But... I'm sorry... "Demonlovers" was awful.
And thank you so much for being always patient when I was in my "Roger Waters" mood.
Thank you for all the drawings, the written and the amazing phrases you wrote on every piece of sheet.
(But I can't forget the Chihuahua thing... Ahahaha!)
Thank you for catching on tape a lot of silly things with me (and Lumpi too). Sometimes I watch them and it feels like you were here.

Thank you for always being my brave best friend.
I'm proud to be your Friend.
Thank you for the "ma sono piccolissimi!" thing.
You are tiny, skinny and cute but I don't know anyone as brave as you...
The World is in your hands...
I love listening to your tales about your travels... When you talk about them I feel like you brought a piece of me with you.
And I love reading your novels. I miss them...
You have the power to create images.
And delicious japan food....

Thank you for having loved my Lumpi... and for sharing with me my mourning.
She loved you so much and you know she had such a temper...
She loved very few people and you were the only one outside my family.
My wary fat black pup...
I miss her every day and I know you miss her too.
Thank you.

And thank you for having the best boyfriend you could find on the earth.
You have a special person to your side, because you are special.
Special people are living only with special people.
I love that you two have become one because when I think about you I think about Matthias too.
And now I've got a beautiful brand new Friend!

I love you Matthias for being so funny... For being so tenderhearted and sensibile...
I love the way you talk in Italian, your humor, your being that caustic when you talk about Droghellos...
I love the Eau de Parfum you wear (it fits on you like it was made for you) and your collages.
Your incredibile comparisons...
I love the way you love Babi and for being that perfect with him!

Thank you for these wonderful days in Austria... and for the delicious dinners.
You saved me, last August (August? But... wait... was yesterday!!!)
I miss you so much, everyday... but you know what I mean when I say "you are here right now!".

We had very special times togheter mate.
And I am sure that we still have a lot!

So, dear Babi...

A huge hug to you and Matthias!
I Love you guys!


  1. Thank you Ade for your visit :)

  2. Un abbraccino, sei davvero bella :)) queste fotine sono splendide :) A presto (e sono contenta ti piacciano gli alberilli :D) ;))


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