Sunday, November 6, 2011

A brand new Illustration!

I think it's the weather...
But today smells like Christmas!
So, I had the whole afternoon for doing my stuff...
I did an Illustration for a special girl (be sure to follow her blog... it's AMAZING!).
I'm very happy she liked my little gift... and I'm so honoured that she posted the illustration on her blog!
(Thank you!)

Then I did a brand new Illustration.
I call it:
"Early Snowfall"

I started a new project...
I think a bone in my left hand is broken and it hurts like hell.
I hope tomorrow I'll have enough time for doing (or starting) new works...
My last week was very busy and so I had to put my blog aside... and so I had to do the same thing with my
Etsy Shop Project.
Well. This is "the thing".
I hope you'll like it!

Have a bright day World!

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