Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I wish I had enough time...

I wish I had enough time to:

*playing more with my pups
*reading books
*learning knitting and crochet with constancy
*editing my pictures
*sewing new clothes
*painting on canvas
*writing children's tales
*illustrate them
*make some quilled Xmas-tree decorations
I could go on forever...

It seems to be a very busy month this November.
My favorite month of the year.
The days are getting colder day by day and in the morning, the windows and the cars are covered in ice.

(Winter 2010-2011)

I'm working on some new Illustrations and walking a lot with my pups...
Reassembling pcs, eating tons of tangerines...
And so, my month seems so busy...


I'll be back soon... And in only 2 days my mate will be back.
I'm sorry he has to leave for a few time his sweetie...
That means I have to take care of him! :)

(Joe, the Reindeer)

There is only one month before Xmas and I have a lot of stuff to do.
This Xmas will be a little poor... but I'll try to do some DIY little gifts for all of my loved ones
(and they are a lot!!!)...
I can't wait Xmas eve...In Italy is common to celebrate Christmas on 25 December but since I've german ancestry, we are accustomed to have a great dinner on 24!
The Dolomites all around are covered in snow (but not that much, only on hugh peaks). We are having a wonderful Fall and the weather here, is merciful. My thoughts are going to all the victims of the flooding and mudslides that are hitting the other regions of my loved Italy.
We are into very bad days here... But I don't want to talk about politics here, on my blog.
This place must be my virtual Island...
uncontaminated by negativity.


PS: My best Friend Gabriel is here, at home... And he will be there til the end of December.
I'm so happy :)


  1. I want to learn how to make clothes. Sometimes it would just be nice to hem my own pants instead of paying 10 bucks.


  2. I agree, there are so many things I'd like to do if only I had more time...
    Love the pictures of the mountains. I miss the Alps. Our family used to vacation in the Alps at least once a year but now that I live in the States I've not been back in many years!


Sarò felice di risponderti... :)