Saturday, November 5, 2011

New Router!!! A little journey and... a new project.

I just came home! :)
I went with my lovely Nick to Rome and to the Republic of San Marino. We had nice time, nice food, nice evenings... So, this was a very little journey... Hit and run... I drove so so so much. I love driving, expecially when I'm alone or with a silent sweet company like my Boyfriend. We are twin souls and we don't need always to talk for being satisfied...
The Republic of San Marino wasn't in our project and we went in Rome only for doing some bureaucracy... Then when we were on the road I asked him if we was in the mood for a "little" detour. And he says "YES!".
Awww. I love that he never backs down in front of the unespected proposals...
Thank you for being so adventurous!


And I finally got my new ROUTER!!!

I can upload a lot of pictures... and surfing faster!
These are pictures of our wonderful Fall season.
I love living here.

Today is a great day.
Today we had an idea... 
We have a great project about our life.
Living among/with/in the Nature is something that we're sure, will make us happy and so
we decided to become a weird kind of farmers :)
We're young enough.
Strong enough.
Enthusiastic enough... and 
we have enough very good ideas!
This is something that makes me happy, thinking about a new great project of life.
Full of Animals, Plants, Traditions, Diy, Creativity...
Thank you Mother Nature for inspiring me that much, every day...

So, these are my pictures...
I hope you'll like it!!!

 I love you Nicola... You're the best thing about me
And I love that you love my puppies like they were your puppies...
They are OUR babies now...

I want to thank my new followers! You're so kind! Thank you very very much! <3


  1. Che splendide foto... *.* Adoro l'autunno e i suoi colori caldi... credo che la foto che preferisco sia quella con le ghiandine, è troppo bella! Ma sono belle tutte quante :)
    Meno male che non sono l'unica a commuoversi per le cose belle ;) anche se, credo, siamo rimaste in poche :) A presto Chiara, sono proprio contenta di aver trovato questo tuo angolino :) (e poi adoro la tua regione... chissà che mercatini di natale fiabeschi avete!! *.*)
    Ah dimenticavo... anche per me "Viola" è un soprannome ;) Mi chiamo Laura ;))

  2. This post is beautiful! Your puppies are so beautiful and your boyfriends seems awesome. I love that he is adventurous like you. That's like me and my boyfriend! We love adventures. Beautiful leaf photos too!

  3. Thank you Rachael so so much for your kind words! :)
    My puppies and my boyfriends are really the best things about me! :)


Sarò felice di risponderti... :)