Saturday, October 15, 2011

Flu! I was waiting for you...

That's great. That's normal. This is a thing that is happening to me countless times during the year.

Yes. The weather is cold, then warm, then damp, then dry. You know what I mean.
FLU. Or something very similar.

I was so happy yesterday. I was waiting the week end for doing some fine things like 

  • Collecting some buckeyes up
  • Sawing that big birch branch
  • Going for a walk with my three little puppies in the woods
  • Make a delicious dinner
  • Painting on the birch pieces
  • Clean up my room
Maybe there's too much stuff for a single Saturday.
But... I had to wipe all of my wishes out of this day.
I can't stand this sore throat. Arrrgh!
This blog has just been born and it's already sooo boring! :)
The worst thing is that I can't take any pill for this malaise because I've got dozen allergies.
I'm starting to sneeze and that means that tomorrow will be ... I don't want to know how it will be.
Stop thinking about sickness.
Stop bothering about weakness.
The worst way to face a disease, is 

  • Thinking about it
  • Thinking how it will be, looking forward.
  • Lying on the sofa, counting the seconds
  • Watching Tv
    (once my best friend wrote in a novel that watching Tv during illness will make you feeling like you more sicker than you really are. I found he was right. Thank you Gabriel!!!)
This is something I learned with the time.
The issue is that I'm pretty sickly. This is something I'm carryng since childhood.
I'm always sick and this thing is developed in a sort of hypochondria.
I worry too much about my health.
So, I don't want to think about that again for this evening.
Now I'm sitting here with on of my kitties (Marcino) and I'm gonna post something nice.

I've painted those lockets with watercolor.

Side One - Little Fox

Side Two - Little Squirrel

I want to thank you Mother Nature for giving me those beautiful presents and inspiration, above all.
Have a nice Day world :)

Milk, Honey and Bed.

Love, Chiara


  1. The little squirrel-chen is the cutest thing ever!
    And this is Matthias' reaction: "SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!"

  2. ♥ Oh guys! You're sooo sweet! You know that I miss you every single day! :)
    If you like it, I'll give you a couple of them when you'll be here!


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